Yes I said Vonage (VG)

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  1. Okay we know MS was long VG. Hope that dude sold.

    I for one have traded this a couple times and come out ahead (rare).

    I look at this POS and see the trade. I buy on bad news and blood in the water. So yeah, it's .98 cents and cut to pieces (multiple times and multiple bounces).

    May be time to strike. I notice the MM's controlling the price not letting it cross 1.00 today. This whore has a 10-20% run in her. It will stay listed for a couple months..

    This stock reminds me of LU (lucent)ALU now. I fondly remember everyone writing it off at .75 a few years ago. I pussied out and didn't buy. Look what happened? Of course I probably would not have held so long. BTW, did they ever reverse split or are my eyes deceiving me looking at the chart.

    Bottom line: This has name brand recognition. Hell, I still see their shit commercials. It's a huge roll of the dice. I may buy a 5k shares for .94 soon.

    To longs at IPO. I'm sorry.

    To Shorts:Nice hit(when will you cover)?:)
  2. VG is a scam going to the pinks real soon...

    And Citron should be in jail. And no I wasn't long. I called this "the biggest POS on the NYSE" a while back. $7.00 range
  3. not vonge
  4. Lot's of luck. Just when you think this stock can't get ugilier it always finds a way to say "yes I can". I wouldn't touch this stock for any reason. We are close to a bottom. Only .99 more cents to go.:D
  5. if you are going to pickup something thats leaking blood in the streets

    at least pickup something that has a viability of survival, this business has time warner, RCN , every cable company, verizon, attacking them from all angles with voip

    and they don't even own the patents to their technology.

    LU owned their technology, suppliers, sales, manfacturing , a bunch of unique stuff

    comparing apples to oranges here

    vonage was good at internet marketing, thats all.
  6. Remember all the hype the ipo got?
  7. Tom631


    I just looked at VG for the very first time and I'm surprised to see they still have call and put options trading.
  8. Pump,

    Perhaps you should review your trading plan... from your previous thread it appears you may have abandoned it.
    Quote from pumpanddumper:

    But since this has been the year from hell, I have 20k in realized losses trading and another 18k losses if I liquidated and sold rest of positions tomorrow.

    Since I have no earned income (correct?). Man, I need to get a freegin' job again.
    Penny Stocks and other High Risk instruments are not the most prudent.
  9. I'm bailing on this soon. Fuckers are finally covering.
  10. Good call.
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