Yes he did

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  1. I posted 'this is the big one' on stocktwits 55 ES points ago

    I know you traded the call.

    Would you like to know where the bottom is?
  2. Stocktwits? You can't give that up can you? :p

  3. lol, no. But the call was made. I don't make those calls here cause of the InGrAtes.

    Any you can rest assured I make those kind of calls very rarely. Not even based on anything fancy. just decades of screen time.
  4. What the hell is the point of making calls? Just trade and make your money. Why do you care so much what anonymous people on a message board think? :confused:

  5. posted only for the record. so many morons out there posting trash, I try to show that competence is not impossible.
  6. seriously, dont you wish I posted that here . I mean since Im right 90% of the time it might help you.

    then again..............
  7. Who the f- cares about 'the record'....silly rationale. Just trade and be happy.....the rest is just entertainment

  8. well, then in that case, no one should post any trade or journal

    still, having not called for the 'big one' in years, this was a pretty lucky prediction. its all luck after all.
  9. The only reasons I see to start a journal here is either because you are a noob looking to document progress/get advice OR you are looking to build a track record in order to sell a service down the road and need to gain some credibility

    The whole 'for the record' argument is BS anyways here because of the 30 min window to 'alter the past'.

  10. that and no one reads this drivel.

    I've been harping on the Chinese space as being totally fraudulent or close enough to it for years.

    I mean , do you really trust those clowns?
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