Yep, we are in a recovery, only 5 banks shut down this week!

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  1. Hundreds of banks were closed in 1992 and 1993, yet the US economy was healing. Doesn't mean it is on the path to sustainable riches now, but the closure of banks is not a sure-fire indicator of coming problems. It can be part of the healing process.
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    Some guys are desperately hoping for this country to fail because of their hatred of Obama. Just look at the editorial of the WSJ and Fox News.
  3. USA is heading towards bankless recovery. USA without banks.
  4. that's no recovery- it is our last industry once the government destroys healthcare--

    i guess it really will be back to the farm
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    Look at it this way, within 2 years the banking system was somewhat cleansed of their bad debts, there was capital formation/ new investors came in and restarting to rebuild the banks. Clearheaded Regulations were passed to prevent future malaise.
    Right now, we are having a 100 or so bank fail each year, who knows how long it will take to clean out all the bad debts. Until it gets 80-90% cleaned out, no serious investor would want to invest in a bank. Mean while we get half assed regulation passed left and right for the sole purpose of pointing fingers.

    I highly doubt we are in a healing process, and if we are; when will we stop the bleeding and see normal growth again?
  6. If by fail you really mean the stupid policies of this administration, then yes, I think a lot of Americans want this to fail. If you mean hoping America fails, no true American wants that.

    Stop drinking the kool-aid, to Disagree with Obama does not equal hating Obama.
  7. if u didnt already know, banks fail almost every week across the country in every year regardless of the econ environment
  8. The suburb that I live in had five or six banks 17 years ago. Now we have 35. We don't need 35 banks. Yes there are more people than before, but we don't need 35 banks. There are going to be banks shutting down for years to come. 5, 6, 10, maybe 20 a week should not be uncommon. It's a pretty big country.
  9. Yeah...the that was about the same year we started entering into the information age and more and more people were buying computers and getting "online" which led to internet stocks....What do we have today to pull us out? We have nothing in the works.
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