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    Ok... I finished my class and made my deposit. Tomorrow is day number one in my day-trading career. Training was so-so but I did pick up a few things... was hoping to pick up a lot more and start from scratch but that wasn't the case and have to bring in a lot of what I already know.... "scary" :) ... The next few weeks I'll be trading just 100-300 shares till all the jitters are out. Just here to get some advise and any helpful hints that the "pros" here would give to somebody. I know there is a lot to learn and not looking to become rich overnight.

    I feel my edge is having a fulltime job so no pressure to make any money. Yeah yeah... i know that really isn't the edge everyone expects but imho it takes a lot off your mind. I'll post a few of my bad trades that I thought were good trades and maybe someone can point out why it was a bad trade. Well off to sleep now.... Wish me luck everyone :)

    Hope I am still posting by the end of the year.... Have fun everyone
  2. How are you doing?
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    Well its been tough. First couple of weeks I was overtrading like crazy losing about 50 bucks a day. Had to settle down a lot and come up with a different outlook. My level 2 skills are lacking so I been mainly trading off of a chart. I am not sure if just chart reading while attempting to read a T/S and a level 2 quote will bring my trading up to where it should be. So basically all I have been doing is just waiting for a trend... wait for a 2 bar pullback and jump in on the break out. Pretty simple but not sure how it will survive in the long run. Looking at the charts at the end of the day.... looks like the holy grail, but its a different world while live trading