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    Beware, this move may be a warning of things to come in SIFs.
  2. more yen stuff.. read parabolic yen thread.. :)
  3. all because of the H bomb.
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    "The SIF Law does not specify any detailed investment restrictions or leverage rules. It simply states that a SIF should apply the principle of risk diversification."
    Call me dumb but does your opening refer to a crowded / cant miss trade that could blow up?

    What if "it" doesnt work?

    * JGB yeilds havent risen(seeing through
    to a continued deflationary spiral---ZeroHedge)
    * Todays print of -negative GDP where + was expected.
    * 14% drop in exports as trade partner China cuts them off .
    * 20% cut in refiner output by Japanese government to intentionally inflate gas prices?
    * Japanese retail public is all in Nikkei .

    These are some recent tidbits.

    Can deflationary forces offset and defeat direct inflation of target
    asset(stocks)? The response in the Nekkei has been good thus far and the G7 retracted "yen too fast" statement.
    I have read Abe want the Nikkei much higher. I could only imagine the size of the move in the yen if deflation continues to persist and he is "all in" and must continue to de-value.