Yen parity watch.

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by paradox, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. paradox


    Decent chance we get parity (100) on dollar/yen tonight!

    US Equity indexes to follow lower?
  2. Surdo


    "Parity" = 1:1
    1:100 USDJPY might trade tonight!

    YM already down 76 points.
  3. paradox


    The Yen corrected after the FED announcement, but is much higher now having recouped its losses and more. The US equity indexes are still significantly higher, and have not given back most of their gains yet. Given the correlation in the past, there is potential for more catch up.

    I've heard the dollar/yen level of 100 referred to as "parity", but I agree that parity is normally 1:1.
  4. LoL @ Fed Title. Yen Parity Watch... maybe in 5 years :D :p