Yen is making some serious moves

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  1. clobbering both the USD and EUR right now!

    anyone think that it may be the center of G8 meeting to eventually replace USD?
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    no, it's just a simple flight to quality move.
  3. +1
  4. as expected you know nothing

    the eur/yen just dropped near 300 pips!

  5. With what? Yen? Who's the fool here?
  6. simple flight to quality move?

    gotta love it! lmao!
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    If there's political will, Central Banks will get behind it and the dollar is toast.

    The shorting of America could make a very profitable trade for Wallstreet. There's a lot of meat on the S&P @ 900.
  8. Definitely a dumb statement on my end -- but I've never seen such a dramatic move!

    I mean come on 400 pips within a few hours is super-dramatic imo

    I know I've only been trading fx for a few months but that kind of move is pretty significant and the only reason I could think of was some sort of chatter crowning the Yen

    I guess we'll find out next week

  9. you do realise gold has just dropped to? flight to quality my ass
  10. I wonder if it has anything to do with any fx brokers in some sense or another ???

    Would these kind of moves break an fx broker such as GFT or FXCM ???
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