Yen Gains

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  1. The Japanese have been warning investors that they better think about getting out of th carry trade. As you can see, greed has won over again! One day, investors are gonna wake up and see that the Usd/Jpy dropped 1000 pips cause Japan finally decided to raise rates. They are even warning people, just shows what the power of greed can do!
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    Case and point:

    When you start reading about Japanese housewives buying dips on USDJPY and making tidy profits, you know the end is near.

    Am I willing to sell tops? No, not quite yet. For the moment I will make like a sheep and join in the party, buying dips for short-term gains. :)
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    in 98 the yen carry unwound dropping a huge amount of pips in a few hours. be careful
  4. im quite new and dont quite know what dips are.
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    you mean PIP or

    very small measure of change in a certain currency.
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  8. Yen gaining again today. If my guess is correct that will mean more carry trades unwind, forcing sale of bonds/equities to repay borrowed yen.