Yen data from CME new?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Redart11, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. Redart11


    On I.B. quotes,The Japanese Yen quote is: 0.0077...
    The double zeros is also on CME Globex quotes yesterday.
    Is this normal? It used to be a decimal and four digits .7708 etc.
    Anyway, I.B. Yen quote(data) is not useable in this form.
    I contacted CME,and they said it is correct. Is this correct?
  2. JayS


    Yes this has been the correct way all along, if IB has been leaving off the two "0"'s then they had it wrong (they may have been trying to make it easier for customers, but were still wrong).

    Let me try to explain:

    FOREX (cash) market currently has the USD/JPY at 130.07, to translate this to what the FOREX market would be for the JPY/USD you would divide 1 by 130.07 to come up with .007688 (or just look up a quote to be more accurate).

    A good currency forum you may enjoy is Global-View

    Examples (wouldn't use YHOO for accurate FOREX quotes):



    (posting this info assuming you have a grasp of the difference between cash and futures markets, can be a little confusing - especially currencies)
  3. wild


    as long as you don´t forget that 0,77.. is the $ price for JY 100 it should be alright.


    like many other data providers eSignal quotes the CME/Globex Yen without the double-zero too ... for easy reading purposes i presume.


  4. Redart11


    Thanx for the response. How do I use I.B. for Yen quotes if
    the last two digits of the quote are missing?
  5. wild


    the last 2 digits are regularly the most important ones ... generally speaking
  6. JayS


    Didn't want to start a new thread.

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