Yen Crashed

Discussion in 'Forex' started by FXsKaLpEr, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. against the British pound and USD the yen practically vaporized in the last 3 hours.

    GBP/JPY spiked a surprising 90-points! (I bagged 'em all. :D)

    anyone know what's up with the yen??

    Ivansky, what do you make of this?

  2. nkhoi


    toyota buy GM :confused: j/k
  3. MrProfit


    You're the man, man.

    MRprofit is watching China buying everything except the Yen.
    Hedge funds are exiting trades all over and closing credit accounts with Japan due to risk change because of Japan MinFin recent statements.

    If you had a billion dollar loan in Yen and was told the YEN may rise - what would you do? Ha?

    If you had a surplus with the US and 19 billion dollars coming in every month what would you do, huh?

    Chineese people are the smartest people around here.
    They like the gold, they like the Euro etc.

    USD has started the collapse.
    This is what I think my friend.
  4. ...I had to ask....
  5. Lots of guys got crushed on that GBP/JPY move. The pair hasn't broken that level for a year and a half and it always ranges, so it looked like a good bet to short at that level even with the rolls against them. Nope, got blown out of the water. Who won? The systems traders who were long GBP.

  6. KS96


    90pips on GBPJPY is something like 55pips on EURUSD
    (very good, but not the greatest achievement after all).
    And what's so surprising? GBPJPY spikes 90pips all the time...
    and this is not called a crash. Getting high over there?
    When are you going to learn to stop counting in pips?!?
    How much % did you make?
  7. Watch closely the 116.20 level. If that holds, prepare for a USD sell off. If it does not, 117.20ish becomes the target.

    The USD, overall, is not at the beginning of a selloff. Not unless you mean extremely short term. The market is still expecting rates to rise, and when the Maestro leaves and the new Fed boy comes in, he's going to want to make a statement and prove he's tough on inflation just like he's been saying all along.

    It's still about rates, people. You need to remember that.