yen about to rally == next leg down for US stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by empee, Apr 18, 2007.

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    hmm.. seems like its become very correlated past several months, and potentially setting up for JPY to rally to test recent highs. If its correlated, we should test recent lows?

    Correlated?? What say you?
  2. Nikkei down 260 points.
  3. com'on no wonder the market never drops every damm time we drop a tiny people posts pop up everywere how we're cracking. maybe if bears would shut up we can fall 10-15%
  4. chart pattern now minimumly targets 9048 in june yen.
  5. :)
  6. Nikkei down 376 points now.

    Good night peeps.
  7. nasdaq and es down in futures too.

    i'd be very very surprised to see this market crash the next two days. if you're the agressive type, buy those cheap ES Apr puts. at those prices, no reason to even trade the futures.
  8. Weeeeee, look at it plunge:

  9. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. tommorow it may be wise to buy nikkei futures at the lows ... nikkei right now is the least overshot since this 'correction'.

    australia is the one to short. up almost 20% since the correction - of course thats mainly on commodity strength (which means that fundamentally you probably don't have too much profit potential right now shorting... need to wait til copper and gold start breaking down)
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