Yemen's President Saleh to be tried for crimes aginst humanity. US, Saudis say no.

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  1. Saleh living in Riyadh. Secret U.S. deal prohibits extradition.

    U.S. declining as a moral authority.......
  2. By indirect killing you mean sectarian and tribal violence, muslims murdering muslims, right?
  3. Option 1: Provide the dictator with security guarantees, safe passage out of the country and immunity from prosecution, this will immediately stop the bloodshed and let the democratic movement win (the Yemeni scenario)

    Option 2: Don't provide the dictator with security guarantees and immunity which will assure that the civil war will continue for a very long time and/or the pro-democracy movement will be destroyed (The Libyan scenario)

    Are you absolutely positive that the second scenario is the smart and moral one?
  4. Oh I see. Saddam good, America bad. Your views are certainly crystal clear. Muslims murdering muslims in Iraq - bad america, muslims murdering christians in Iraq - bad America, muslims murdering hundreds of thousands in Sudan - bad america, muslims murdering hindus in India, russians in Russia, spanish in Spain, british in the UK, australians in Bali, jews in Haifa - bad America.

    America siding with Mubarak - bad america, america siding with Libyan rebels - bad america, America bombing Libya - bad america, America finding a peaceful solution in Yemen - bad america.

    LOL, America just can't win, can do no right. The only good news for America is that no one, not a single person on the planet gives a damn about the idiotic views of fringe cretins and pathetic losers like you.
  5. And what exactly does it have to do with the fact that its muslims killing muslims (and everyone else) in Iraq and elsewhere? Next time you post - try to stay on topic if you possibly can, it will strengthen your argument and prevent you from looking like an ignorant rambling idiot throwing up unrelated shit and seeing what sticks.
  6. Questions about what? Did I say anything in support of the war in Iraq? I did not. All I said was that out of 1 million people who died in the Middle East in the last 10 years, 950,000 were muslims murdering muslims (and christians). Do you have any questions, or nothing but non sequitur?

    PS war porn is boring and is usually posted by someone when he has no real arguments. Oh boy, you still have a trillion things to learn before you can post on a grown-up forum.

    PS2 the war in Iraq was wrong...muslims are murdering muslims and christians in Iraq (and elsewhere int the world) are a pathetic moron. These things are not mutually exclusive, you know.
  7. History is always written by the victor. The winner is the force of good and the loser is the force of evil. Always.
  8. LOL, we can certainly agree that muslims (and especially arabs) need a strong-armed dictator to behave. Uneducated, indoctrinated, fanatical and backward, the only thing they truly understand is brutal force. The US and other western armies with their liberal civilized humane policies and practices are certainly no match to their 7th century savagery.

    So yeah, the invasion of Iraq was totally wrong but it's not an excuse, the muslims are still medieval savages, they are still the ones who kill muslims and christians in Iraq, hindus in India, russians in Russia, Brits in London, Spaniards in Madrid, jews in Tel Aviv, Australians in Bali. They are still responsible for the Darfur genocide, honor killings, beheadings, executions, persecutions, tortures, kidnappings...

    PS Oh and of course the life under Saddam and Taliban was so wonderful and peaceful. LOL
  9. As I said in my previous post, muslims need a dictatorship and a brutal ruthless dictator in order to behave. The moment they are free their real medieval savage nature comes out and they go on a murdering rampage.
  10. non sequitur again? Why am I not surprised? You ran out of arguments the moment I pointed out that 95% of 1 million people murdered in the middle east in the last 10 years have been murdered by muslims. As soon as they were ridden of their despotic dictator they (instead of building a prosperous democratic society) went on a murdering rampage, killing mostly each other. And this is an undeniable fact my illiterate delusional friend.
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