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  1. According to Al Jazeera, nerve gas is being used on the protesters in Al Tahrir Square and Al Tagyeer Square. Al Jazeera's correspondent in one of the hospitals testified that the symptoms of the causalities are very clear to be a form of a nerve gas, which included violent shaking or paralysis and muscle spasms and heavy nose bleeding.

    According to the last estimates, today, 4 million people took to the streets throughout Yemen, which explains the panic of the Salih dictatorship regime.
  2. Tariq Al Shami, a governoment offical just appeared on Al Jazeera to deny the use of nerve gas.

    Protesters just showed empty cansters that contained these gases with "Made In USA" written on it.

    I am just relying!
  3. If Yemen doesn't have oil, I say we just flatten it with a good old carpet bombing. It is full of terrorists.

    The non-oil parts of the following terrorist countries should also be flattened:
    1) Iran
    2) Syria
    3) Saudi Arabia
    4) Pakistan

    Obama Husein does not have the balls to do the right thing (his father, Mr Husein, was a possible anti-semite), which is why we need to support President Palin, who is a true patriot.

    God bless USA and Israel.