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    Just flipped it for a small profit. Was thinking of establishing a longer term position. Worth it?
  2. Yelp will have no legs to stand on in a few weeks. Unlike Groupon they have a faulty business model. When can you start shorting this piece of Garbage. if it breaks 30 its a short. Its an acquisition mule and they are making it available for yahoo or equivalent to buy them soon.

    Float 12% of the float and get the remaining float monetized with an intrinsic value. Then when a larger company wants to buy you if you are successful then every one gets liquid. Once facebook goes public then they will go after all these companies to compete. But with their prices below their IPO levels they can all be acquired at the stated value of the companies. Its 2000 all over again.

    10% move on these stocks are great for institutions. 24-26.40. Groupon will be a winner the business model is really strong.
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    Thanks man.

    Saw this and came to same conclusion but your opinion is more emphatical.

    Yelp shares soar 60% in IPO

    "For the full year in 2011, Yelp had a net loss of $16.7 million on sales of $83.3 million. In 2010, Yelp lost $9.6 million on $47.7 million in revenue."

    "Yelp's main revenue stream is selling advertising to local and national businesses. It also runs daily deals, but in August Yelp cut half its sales staff in that unit."

    "n fact, Yelp's initial filing revealed that Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), which is developing its own Yelp-like offerings and recently acquired restaurant guide Zagat, is a key traffic source -- which puts Yelp in a precarious position."

    "In its initial filing back in November, Yelp said it had 22 million reviews on its site. But in an amended filing in February, the figure dropped to 18 million. That's because Yelp said it was "filtering" about 5 million reviews and had removed about 1.8 million reviews. "
  4. You cannot come to a strong market with as high of a loss basis as this one. They are placing the stock and its time to teach the Venture Capital Community about losses. The VCs are using the pension funds as dumping grounds. The derivatives were first then the packaged assets and now the Dot COM IPOS.

    These IPoS are like oodles of Noodles. They look good going in but two hours later you burp up a nasty taste. I looking to set up my short list in a few months. Facebook may take these up in the wave but then when the hype goes down they we will see a nice dot com bust.

    YELP is garbage- I know this business model and its hard to compete since there are many of them. When is the last time the average user went to Yelp- With google you look and you get. buy Google.