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  1. wow ! i just ran into an old high school acquaintance of mine and i noticed his over 100k dollar car and his ''blinging'' jewelry. i couldnt help it so i asked him what the hell has he been doing and he told me he and his dad started a yellow-page/directory in the baton rouge, louisiana area. He also told me he has a house in Mandeville, louisiana . (thats like the beverly hills of louisiana - lol lol )

    just thought i'd share this because i would have never thought this guy would do something so successful with himself.

    anybody know anything about a directory business ?? i sure dont -- lol -- i do know it seems like alot of work

  2. there is much $$ in publishing. the best part about it is after you get the ball rolling, the advertisers keep buying without being sold.


  3. whoaaa , check this out !

    just talked to a good friend who had the directory laying around. (the exact one)

    his lady has an ad for her graphic design business and she pays $50 per month........ $600 per year and this is the smallest ad.

    there is approximately 70,000 companies in the publication (probably more)

    so 70,000 x 600 = $ 42,000,000

    so its pulling in at least 42 mil ! wow

    i know it must cost a good bit to get it all going ...... such as..... design/production, mass printing, and distribution but DAMN !!!


    well so long traders, im off to my new publishing project

    nahh j/k (i wish)
  4. yes, big money ! if you are serious, start small with a local directory of some sort. if it works, build it, if not, little loss.

    enjoy !