Yellow Candles on TS 8.2

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Surdo, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Surdo


    I decided to download TS 8.2 on my new Notebook.

    Does anybody have an idea why a simple Candlestick chart now has RED, GREEN, and now YELLOW candles?

    TradeStation has no idea!

    All I did was copy my old work environment.

    el surdo
  2. El Serdo;
    Interactive Brokers uses yellow candles for unchanged[ same open to close price]:cool:

    What else could it be unless someone in programming is colorblind:cool:
  3. Surdo


    That is not why they are YELLOW on TS8.2!
    I have Yellow Candles that should be RED and YELLOW one's that should be GREEN.

    Thanks for the sarcasm, it's always appreciated.

    I was asking about TradeStation NOT IB.

    el Surdo
  4. =============
    All right, i did understood TS question and;
    not trying to run your business but IB suggests 2 different chart systems./brokers

    Good trading to you ,
    whatever broker/charts, plural ,you use.
    Esignal uses white candles for unchanged candles;
    and like most ,allows for TRADer color change.

    Hope this helps;
    it helped me.
  5. Surdo


    Has anybody downloaded TS8.2 Build 3863 yet?
    EVERYONE has to upgrade by next Sunday!

    el surdo

    PS: NO more YELLOW Candles!
    It was a "Painting issue".