Yeah those mideasterners are peaceful people...NOT!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gunslinger, May 7, 2007.

  1. Her goes another zionist roach trying to score another cheap point.

    These killers are not even Arabs (Kurds)! They are not even Muslims; They are a sect that worships the Devil.

    You knew they weren't so you thought and thought and thought of a way to implicate us and promote hate toward us.

    The only thing that you managed to come up with is a Middle easterner.

    Little that you knew is that your zionist Perez is considering himself a Middle Easterner.

    And in that regard, you are right!

    I mean, after all, who else could commit the following massacre;

    Wrning; very graphic!!

    Now why do you do that zionist boy??? What is the intention behind you promoting global hate against your opponents???

    Oh! I see! Never mind gunslinger!
  2. Wael is in da house!!!!

    No exchange of pleasantries? Kinda rude, no?

    Anyway did you read this paragraph:

    "On April 23, gunmen stopped a bus carrying workers to her community, the village of Beshika 10 kilometres (six miles) outside Mosul, dragged out 23 Yazidis and shot them dead"

    Those are your brothers, right?

    So how have you been? You still working in 7-11 spitting in my monterey chicken taquito?
  3. these are not my brothers! these are cold blooded murderers who deserve to be caged like rabid dogs. Same as ALL OF YOUR zionist LEADERSHIP FROM SHAMIR TO BEGIN TO SHARON TO WISMAN.

    I have to give it to you, your sadistic behavior has no equal. When you grab a child from his parent's hand and throw him in a bakery's open pit and then shoot the father....Then you are a honory sadistic zionist fuck.

    when you dump a 2 ton bomb on an apartment building killing 23 sleeping residents, including children, and then congratulate yourselves for a job well done.....Then you are a honory sadistic zionist fuck.

    When you build a shrine for one of your sadistic heros who went into a mosque and massacre 28 worshipers, including 11 children.....Then you are a honory sadistic zionist fuck.
  4. Wael these are your brothers.

    Youre back, does that mean big discounts on cherry squishies for all of ET?

    Whats the science, yo?
  5. Did you mean your inbred zionist killers?? No thanks!