yeah, the Rally is Done.i never guess

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    I never throw out wild guesses just because the market may be due to fall because of such a long streak;no way. look at the news after the bell and NO its not priced in.,
    FDX Warned
    CNY Warned
    TXN Warned
    NSM Warned--also said this is something they have never seen,not like any other downturn.
    its nit just the signifiacnt warnings its what was said about the future. alarming !!!
  2. sumosam


    i don't understand your are talking about earnings, and it sounds as though the market is going down tomorrow...this i already know:confused:
  3. Stay SHORT and stay OFTEN!!! :cool:

    BEAR rally selling pays BIG! :)

    ......and you NEVER have to hold a LONG overnight!!! :D
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    I was surprised McDonalds was in the red all day and buch of staples came around in the red towards the end in the Dow30.
  5. getting close to daily upper resistance line. I would not be surprised if they start pulling it down from here.

    I should also say the the bull smell is getting stronger though.
  6. Since I'm short the NDX, I'd say TXN and ALTR, and FDX are the only ones I care about. I don't think that was unexpected, though. The market thinks otherwise overnight since it's down, but I doubt no one saw it coming.
  7. My take is that market may easily gap down tomorrow morning, but only to rise later. This rally has legs for 1-2 more days I believe.
    This will definitely attract some silly bulls and then KABOOM!!! towards the end of the week
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    it was the magnitude of the warning and the much dire than expected commentary.imo
  9. dsq


    didnt fdx warn last quarter as well?this is familiar for altr,txn nobody expects any good news from the semis for a long might sell off a bit in the morning and rally again.
    Couldnt decide to short vz today at its highs and it tanked almost a point at the end.Thought the market would rally into tomorrow and short vz around 36...You cant always pick the very top or bottom...
  10. it's all priced in.
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