Yeah Like the US has any National Guard to put on the border =P

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, May 15, 2006.

  1. Yeah like the us has any national guard left to put on the border. if you had troops, you would be sending them to iraq or afghanistan. What if there is another hurricane. Where are you going to get troops.
  2. Actually we send canadian troops to afghanistan.
  3. I wonder why this matters to you? I mean you're not an American, so how does this situation apply to you? In what way does this affect Canada?
  4. Ricter


    The Canadian government sent them to Afghanistan. Which you know of course, lol.
  5. I know we saved your ass in afghanistan. You have to admit canadian soldiers are braver then americans. We are willing to defend other people's liberties :D

  6. reg


    But you're not Canadian - you're Iranian.
  7. Nah, you simply did not have a choice, you're so dependant on this country that canadian troops have to take marching orders from Washington.
  8. no its because your military is so taxed, you have nothing left. If you had troops you wouldnt be pulling out men from afghanistan to reinforce your iraqi troops.

  9. It does not matter whether we do or don't have troops left, you may even be right and we don't but we can always count on good obedient canadian boys and girls doing exactly what they are told and taking marching orders from uncle Sam.
  10. why not send canadian troops to the mexican borders.
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