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  1. i'll admit i've watched every survivor since the first one. i thought this last survivor was good, but i'm stunned that jenna won. i really thought matt was going to win and i wanted him to win, too. matt seems like a real good guy; i wish he had won. he blew away jenna answering the questions from the jury, too. i thought for sure he was going to win. very surprised he only got 1/7th of the votes.

    btw, jenna and heidi both looked mighty fine tonight during the reunion. ooh ooh heidi looked hot! but jenna was nice, too.

    in general, my favorite people this season were matt, rob, butch, and dave. rob was great every episode. i wouldn't have minded if he had won. heidi was probably my favorite chick. it surprises me on the survivor web site, heidi is rated the least favorite personality out of everyone. she did seem a little stuck up during the reunion tonight though.

  2. What do you watch for guilty pleasures?
  3. Gekko,

    I have to agree about Jenna winning - the whole crowd at my place watching the show screamed "WTF????" in disappointed unison when the host announced Jenna had won. Not one of us thought she deserved to win, let alone by a landslide... There must have been more stuff happening offcamera than we know about - every single poll I saw beforehand showed the public strongly believed Matt deserved to win (60 - 70% in multiple polls). It's strange that over 100,000 internet voters were so wrong in their estimation of who was going to win, and who deserved to win. What we saw on tv must have left something out. Even the Survivor jury themselves seemed to lean toward Matt, until the final vote. Even Rob, Matt's buddy/guru, and Christy voted against him. Hell, Rob "the Mastermind" himself said he was afraid Matt was unbeatable after Matt gave up a visit with his mom to let the others have visits with their relatives instead...

    Of course, something funny could be happening here. A conspiracy worthy of Harrytrader... This show was "men against women" in the Amazon, which was named after the legendary Amazon women, who historically were fierce female warriors of the Tapuyas in South America who attacked Orellana, a 16th century Spanish explorer who thought they were the legendary tribe come to life, and forced him to flee with his ships burning. It is only fitting that a woman win this competition, in the same region where Orellana got his ass kicked by women hundreds of years before.

    It *may* be "coincidence" that a woman won against insanely overwhelming odds on this show, and against an opponent who screwed hardly anybody over, but maybe not. I notice in Stillman's lawsuit that the producers wanted to keep an old guy on to protect that demographic, and Butch made it to the final four, being the oldest member of the game. Coincidence? I'm not saying I'm sure the game was rigged, but I do have my doubts... but I hear wrestling's not real either, and I certainly don't believe that. :p

    But yeah, Heidi looks a LOT better when she's cleaned up - and what's with Matteo and Jenna being all over each other at the reunion? The host even had to stop for a second and said "I'll just give you guys a moment to get comfortable" as they groped each other, tangled together like some sick Survivor version of nude twister, heh heh.

    Hey, they WERE alone on that island by themselves for the last few days...
  4. dude, i thought the same thing. during the reunion show, i was like, "what is with those two?" go, matt!