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Discussion in 'Politics' started by ElCubano, Aug 1, 2006.

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    One down one more to go....there is reason to believe the world record holding cigar smoking commie bastid bit the dust. Its only speculation but to relenquish power to his brother and the fact that he wasnt the one making the actual speech leads us to believe the Big Guy finally met his maker. Its a toss up on what will happen in the months ahead for Raul is one tough mother...but to hold the country as tight fisted as the charismatic FIDEL did will be one hell of a challenge for him, who is 75 yrs old. Its going to get crazy up in here....
  2. Hoorah, Horrah,
    Castros dead, (or damn near)
    Now that leaves us,
    one less red.
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    He has intestinal bleeding. Give him one months rest and back in the saddle imo.

  4. I imagine the UN, Jimmy Carter, CNN and most of the Democrats will have a month long weep-in when their idol Fidel finally checks out. I'll say this for the murdering bastard. He was man enough to face down nine U.S. presidents, although he no doubt owes his long tenure to the Democrats in congress, who destroyed the CIA and undermined the Executive Branch's ability to take out scum like Castro.

    I wonder if Ted Kennedy will attend his funeral as an honored guest. If JFK had used his balls for something other than screwing bimbos in the White house, Castro would have been a footnote to history and Cuba would no doubt be the Hong Kong of the Caribbean. Instead JFK ok'd the Bay of Pigs invasion, sent a bunch of brave Cubans in there to reclaim their homeland, but then cravenly cut off the air support they had been promised after they hit the beach, in effect murdering them.