Ye are gods

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  1. The Lord God Almighty does not refer to "my Father" or "our Father".

    What I mean is God is not of this world.

    So there must be a God beyond the god of this world.

    And this God is One.

    There is no problem to be one with God.

    That includes you, me, all of us.

    It becomes problematic when there is intent to destroy that oneness in favor of separate, individualized gods each with a will of their own.

    The world arises from this idea.

    From this idea emerges the concept of bodies.

    As you can see, it seems to bring death.

    I'm not saying it was a bad idea, as much as I'm saying the idea is not true, nor possible.

    Therefore, it does not change the status of the oneness of God, and the truth that we are one with Him.

    It does not change the fact that we are eternal and that death is meaningless.

    All it means is that we are gods who have seemingly lost power due to the pursuit of insane ideas that are not really possible.

    "What God has joined let no man put asunder" means that God created us as One. It means we are of one mind.

    "Man" is an attempt to put asunder what God joined by the making of "gods" out of the one God.

    So we seem separate from one another, but that does not change the truth.

    "Man" is the prodigal Son of God.

    So men are "gods".

    You think that our Father made man and man went AWOL/prodigal.

    Not true.

    "Man" is the effect of a wandering mind.

    The mind is still one, but appearing as many individualized minds.

    Again, not true!

    So it's not really possible to have a mind of your own so-to-speak.

    The mind that imagines this world is so powerful.

    It thinks a thought, wishes it were true, and the thought seems to take on a life of it's own.

    This "thought" is "The Lord God Almighty"...the "god" who makes this world and meddles in it.

    Our Father does not make or meddle in this world.

    He does however send the "Holy Spirit" to help you unmake what you made with the mind he gave you.

    Because oneness is so profoundly true, I can truthfully say that "you" made "The Lord God Almighty".

    That's you, me, all of us.

    You seem to be created by "The Lord God Almighty".

    But then, that was your intent: To become your own father, and knock Our Father out of his status as our Creator.

    Not to worry.

    The "prodigal Son" had a lot of strange ideas as he left the Kingdom.

    None of them changed his status. None of them really harmed his Father or himself, except as he wandered about with them in his head.

    This is a parable. It could also be said that God's Son fell asleep and dreamed of exile. So it was a nightmare.

    "Resurrection" is the symbol of his waking.

    Because we are one, you too will waken. Just don't expect it to happen all at once for every aspect of the Sonship.

    The dream is about unholiness which means unwholeness. So it's about the separation of God as one into "ye gods", or individuals who shall be "as god".

    Holiness is about wholeness so its about inclusion.

    Holiness has been misinterpreted to mean exclusion in order to keep the "pure" away from the "defiled".

    When you promote the idea of a future hell for whomever, you are continue to promote this dream of separating the Son of God into parts and pieces.

    It's impossible to damn any part of the Son of God without damning yourself.

    And so you must continue to sleep within the dream, which turns out to be quite a hellish existence. That's why I called this world "hell".

    You are in hell because you thought you could damn the Son of God. Thus, the world is the picture of the crucifixion of God's Son.

    Again, I'm here to tell you it is the stuff of dreams.

    You cannot really kill God's Son.

    The world would prove that you can.

    I say you can't.

    I "proved" it.

    So my message is: don't feel guilty about it.

    There is a religion going by my name that promotes a feeling of guilt, as if heaping guilt upon yourself is what saves you.

    Without guilt, there would be no such religion.

    I have always told the world that none are guilty.

    Now I've told you why...

    A dream is nothing. And you've only crucified yourself in your imagination.

    Therefore return to Our Father without fear.

    Let His Messenger lead you out of the world as he led me out of the world.

    It is not really a "world". It is nothing. It's a puff of smoke taking shape by beliefs that will disappear the minute the Son of God withdraws his faith in it.

    The "Lord God Almighty" is a symbol.
    Moses is a symbol.
    Abraham is a symbol.
    Melchizedek is a symbol.

    The world is a symbol and everything in it are symbols.

    Do not stop at the feet of symbols.

    Go beyond.

    Some symbols are useful. Some make no sense whatsoever because none of the ideas that make this world make any sense.

    Symbols are useful only for leading you out of this world.

    Leave interpretation up to the Holy Spirit and you will be led home.

  2. But if you knew your Self, you would know that you are not a body-mind construct.

    You would know that this is not how our Father created us.

    So let me correct a basic misperception.

    The world is not any kind of construction.

    You are looking at the destruction of God's Creation.

    Looking at the world, it is challenging even to infer what God's Creation must have looked like.

    This is because everything in and about the world is upside down, opposite and backwards from the Kingdom we come from.

    In short, there is a thinking mechanism that takes God's Creation and mangles it beyond recognition.

    It's so bad, that even if you have two good eyeballs, you are completely blind to God's Creation.

    So, who then is this "Lord God Almighty" who makes terrestrial spheres and casts bodies upon them?

    The thought of separation is like a shredding machine.

    In this case, the machine has become the "creator".

    But this world is not a creation so much as an arrangement.

    We are the makers of this machine because separation was our idea, us, the Son of God.

    It is somewhat misleading to use words like "we", "us", "them".

    The fact is there is but one Son of God.

    There is no truth in plural terms.

    Those are symbols that must be used to lead you back to oneness of mind.