Yay more end of day selling

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  1. Looks like the losers are unloading at the close again.

    This is the perfect time to buy though.

    The 10 year scare is over and the the subprime mess is overblown.

    Hwo gives a **** about some stupid hedgefund blowing up? bearsterns sucks anyway.

    The rates wont go up and housing is slowing which is good news.

    It seems the loser sellers have done a good job of keeping a lid on the market for the past 1.5 months, but there WILL be a rebound and a rally so the time 2 buy is now. Same as last year at this time. Sellers driving market lower.


    wait for the ******* to unload their shares and then swoop in towards the close

    Dow 14,000 will come by october

    You just have to be patient and stop trying to trade for a quick buck.
  2. oy vey. you are pathetic dude. Now if you sell you are a loser? You need to seek help. quickly.
  3. yes this is not a good time to sell

    buy into panic, sell into euphoria
  4. where is the panic? we've had 4 1/2 good years, might be the perfect time to sell.
  5. There would have to be some large event to end the current bull market.

    I can't imagine what that would be.
  6. But if a bull market is defined by no 10% correction, that doesn't mean there is no money to be made being short...still have 6% of potential downside -- we are only 3% from the top.
  7. Wow if I had bought when you said to today, I'd be down over 10 S&P points, nice call!

  8. Futures got totally SMASHED on the close.
    Not much premium left . . . someone knows something and ain't telling. Me not likey!

  9. I don't understand it either...I order some orders filled and now I wished I didn't buy at what I thought was not going to be filled.
  10. What will be the excuse toady, oil was down yields bounced up a tad no big deal, not like their breaking out to new highs.

    Lets blame it on more hedge fund woes, that sounds like a good one.
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