*Yawn* More mob attacks in North Chicago

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  1. A mob of about 15 to 20 youths reportedly beat and robbed two people downtown, witnesses told NBC Chicago.
    The attack happened near the intersection of West Chicago Avenue and North Wabash Avenue at about 8 p.m.
    "When we saw the first punch thrown at the kid, me and my friends took off our uniforms and just darted over there trying to help," said witness Cory Bynum. "We get there, [the victim was] coughing up blood, his face is like really bloody and he's all, 'Oh, they just stole $350 from me.'"
    The thieves then ran toward the nearby Chicago Red Line stop, at Chicago and State, another witness said.

    Bynum remained on the scene and said he was able to help police identify one of the attackers.
    When contacted by NBC Chicago, police said they were investigating a "battery in progress" in the area.
    The reported incident comes within hours of police issuing a community alert in connection with a pair of mob attacks on Chicago Transit Authority buses and weekend attacks in Streeterville and the lakefront.

    Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/loca...261_10150235233531606#f3b0fef50#ixzz1RQU233iV

    Note that none of these are considered "hate crimes", for some reason...
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    Sounds like they need to declare marshal law in Obama land.

    Maybe even declare open season on mobs.
  3. I read this one book on the juvenile justice system. In some cases, law abiding responsible parent or parents would plead with the judge (after their child was arrested and to appear in court) to find a program for their kid to get help.

    There are few to zero programs. There is little a judge can do to help the parent. The law sends the kid home on probation.

    We had juvenile programs in the 50's and 60's that worked, no one wants to fund the "old" way of doing business. Academics argued for progressive and modernization.

    Judges didn't want to break up the family or put the kids in group homes or foster care. Maybe it saves the state some money in the short term but in the long run, doing nothing isn't helping anyone, which is where we are at.

    Suppose the cops catch one kid from the flash mobs. what do you suppose the consequences are for that kid?
  4. Well, let's face it; this problem isn't caused by a faulty justice system and in most cases they aren't even juveniles. The media simply uses the terms "youths" or "teens" because saying "blacks" would be politically incorrect. Yet, they are not even minors much of the time.

    Many people of the upper middle and upper classes desperately wish that certain minority groups would "do better". Often times it's not out of humanitarian or egalitarian sentiment; it's because we don't want to keep paying for them and investing in them, giving them special privileges only to see them lag behind and continue to be a burden on everyone else. We desperately want them to do better so they can quit dragging down and holding back the rest of society. However, 40 years of discrimination against whites, forced integration, black history months, black pride, hispanic achievement month, entitlements, and 'black is beautiful' have only made things worse. Many of us now are at the point where we realize we need to start being a bit more honest and realistic about what the problems actually are, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable that may be. The longer we ignore reality, the worse the hangover is going to be.

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    About a year ago I moved to an all White area.. what a relief not having to worry about a mob jumping me. The Black women where I lived before were atrocious, moreso than the men unless the were psychopathic gangbangers.. they made threats on people just for bumping into them while shopping, the younger ones rode around the parking lots threatening white women that were shopping, or trying to..

    The bullying mob mentality of the left is all it is, Hillary told them they can "get whitey" all they want to and they do it...

    I don't understand why Whites keep on holding out hope that things will improve.. The Democrats desperately need all those Black votes to stay in business and they will bankrupt the entire economy before they will give up their stranglehold on power. Blacks can't work in the private sector and that means that nothing will ever get better. Democrat lawyers sue the white employers and employers don't hire blacks because of the risk. Then Democrats tell Blacks that their poverty is due to racism and fan the fires of racism against Whites and that way they keep the votes...

    I can't figure any way to get these liberal assholes off our backs at all. When I move I'm picking an area where my tax money doesn't go to destroy me, Europe maybe...
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  7. I think AD broke his previous record for number of racial threads in 1 day:eek:
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    Max E.

    Funniest video ever in terms of the welfare state, watch it in its entirety.

    <iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/RMK9zxb5HyE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. My OP made no mention of race. Geez you are weird.

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