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  1. He should have shot the dog. It would have been a great court case, dog vs lawn.
  2. TGregg


    Then at most he'd only be liable for the cost of the dog. Unless he just injured it - in which case he'd have to pony up for all the vet bills.

    Kill the damn dog dead. Give the guy $500 and tell him you will shoot the next one as well. :)
  3. skepticaltrader

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    Well this guy won't be able to enjoy his lawn anymore. He will be spending the rest of his life in prison.
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    Yeah we had one of those people living on our street, except this guys lawn is nothing compared to hers, she had planted a flower garden all around her house which tour buses full of old ladies would come up to see every single year, she made some kind of home gardening list in some magaznie. I remember playing hide and seek as a child and i hid beside her house when i was 5 years old and she threatened to kill me. She was well known as a pariah and had no problem being hated within the entire neighbourhood just so a few people would envy her lawn every year. Some people take that stuff way to seriously, why would you even want a nice yard if no one was ever allowed to set foot on it or enjoy it?
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    Careless moron doesn't keep dog on a leash, careless moron taunts armed homeowner... I'm glad the dog is ok!!
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    Guy says to a angry man with a gun, why don't you use it.... Well, there you go. Your dog pisses on his property say your sorry. Don't call him a puss for not shooting you.
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    Touche... lol i guess darwinism always claims its victims eventually.