Yanni arrested

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  1. Didn't know his real name was John Christopher. He apparently threw his girlfriend on the ground when she was packing. Oh, and he threw her clothes on the floor too! Ooooh! She had to call from a locked bathroom.

    Oh no, he cut his hair! Come on, Yanni, keep the scene alive!
  2. Um, what the heck are you talking about?
  3. He was arrested in a domestic dispute.
  4. Thanks for the update, loser. Now go back to your Jerry Springer show. LOL!
  5. No I read ABCNews.com. BAM!!!!
    Should I return to FOX news instead? Oh wait, I can't. The article wouldn't be factual if I read it on their site.

    edit - Oh, I see you edited your post that originally said "Where did you read that crap from"! LOL!
  6. "Looking Glass" - awesome song!
  7. Ah, i see the problem.
    I dont know who yanni is, or what his scene is, and given the photo didnt show up originally, and "yanni" is a term for marijuana, and close to the handle of a poster here, this led to some confusion.

    I still dont know who he is........:confused:
  8. I prefer "Deliverance"!
  9. Musician... lots of instrumental keyboard stuff. Not for everybody. Speaking of confusion acronym, what did you mean on that other thread concerning my "connection"?
  10. Musician , huh? keyboards arent my thing, i figured he must have been a muso, i presumptiously expected some band affiliation.

    Regarding the connection, exactly what i said-sounds like you got gipped in the town planning department. Low-class peep's like myself dont think of dial up as something you can be on all the time, is all.

    I know someone who had exactly the same problem, cost a good 5 figures to get the damn cable to where it was supposed to already be, and obviously i would go mad without broadband, hence my condolences.

    Completely OT, but its your thread and you asked.:)
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