Yankees vs. Sox

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  1. Anyone catch the game last night and how much fighting was taking place? Who's going to win this one? I must say seeing that sweet old man thrown to the ground was very upsetting.
  2. I can't believe the stupidity of an old man trying to mix it up with some young stud. That old man had NO bussness being on the field.

    Go sox.
  3. Pedro incited it with his charming little head-pointing display. That little punk needs a lesson in respect.

    I've got 2 words for you RedSox fans: "Nine-teen Eight-teen."

    Yankees in 5. Six at the absolute most.

    As for the Little League action called the NLCS - Yankees in 5 or less over whoever wins that circus.

  4. By the way you young punk ( Sulong ), that guy that you called the Old Man ( Don Zimmer ) was voted the 1989 National League Manager of the Year when the Cubs won the NL East AND managed the Red Sox in a one game playoff in 1978 against the Yankees.

    For a Red Sox fan, you obviously don't know much about your own club's history, nor are you aware that Don Zimmer spent 2-3 weeks in a coma after he got drilled in the head as a player, and Zim gets a bit upset when he sees some CLASSLESS MORON out on the mound "pointing to his head" and telling the opposing team that he will throw at your head!

    I'll take Zim anyday of the week.
    He's got more fire in him than half the guys that sit on his own bench!


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  5. nitro


    Do you want to put your money where you big mouth is?

  6. First off, thankyou, it's been a long time since anyone has called me a young anything :)

    Any man who is 70some odd years old lose's all respect he may have earned, when he dose something as stupid as "Zim" did,
    Has 70 years of life tought him nothing?
    Pick your battles you can win.
    He's very lucky he diddnt end up in a coma agin.
    BTW, I'm no red sox fan,I'm a yankee hater :D
  7. I'm not sure what the umps were thinking. If it were anyone other than Pedro, he would have been instantly ejected. Zim too should have been ejected, as should have Ramirez for walking to the mound with a bat in his hand later in the game. But the umps didn't want to get torn apart by the home team crowd (presumably) so they did nothing. Watching Zim get knocked down as he charged Pedro was very disturbing. Pedro showed that he has no class - he's just an impetulant child. Clemens showed his true class.

    Funny thing is that I'm rooting for Boston in this one.
  8. After playing old bull to Pedro's matador.....


    Zimmer gets ready for tonight....

  9. Riiiiight... or is it PPD so John Burkett doesn't pitch tee ball to the Yanks.. (0-6 with an 8.49 ERA lifetime vs NYY).
  10. Everyone apologizes except Pedro. That little piece of shit would be sweeping gas stations if it wasn't for major league baseball.
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