Yankees fans at rally chant “Wall Street sucks! Wall Street sucks!”

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  1. Obama the clueless.

    He's on track to be a one termer, as he's lost independents...

    Last Friday, a huge crowd of fans marched in a ticker-tape parade in downtown Manhattan to celebrate the Yankees’ World Series championship. More than once, as the fans passed through the financial district, the crowd erupted in rhythmic, echoing chants of “Wall Street sucks! Wall Street sucks!”

    I would tell the president that the feeling is widespread that his administration went too far with its bailouts of the financial industry, sending not just a badly needed lifeline but also unwarranted windfalls to the miscreants who nearly wrecked the entire economy. The government got very little in return. The perception now is that Wall Street is doing just fine while working people, whose taxes financed the bailouts, are walking the plank to economic oblivion.

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    About time for another slushy photo of him and his family looking all cute and lovely.

    Anything to divert the attention of the unwashed masses.
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  4. I don't see how any supporter of BO could claim that he has not been a disaster.

    One year on, its impossible to believe that he would have continued the policies of the previous administration concerning financial institutions.

    In a sense, his administration was doomed the second he announced Geithner as his Treas. Sec.
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    trust me they still believe, I made the mistake of posting something less than complimntary on a pro obama facebook group and got attacked by some very angry koolaid drinkers. It got so bad I could barely turn my computer on, many of these people are willing to sacrifice everything for O....and they may have to.
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    We tried to tell you that last fall. When YOU supported O and denounced anyone who disagreed with you.

    BLSH the clueless...
  7. 44,000 out of 8 million residents pay 50% of all taxes.
    Most are from Wall Street.

    Its a double edge sword.