Yamato Transport's Packages Up In June, 1st Rise In 8 Months

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  1. TOKYO (Nikkei)--Yamato Transport Co. said Monday that packages handled by its Takkyubin parcel delivery service in June increased 2.2% on the year to roughly 100.71 million units, marking the first year-on-year rise since last October.

    The nation's leading parcel delivery firm had seen a slowdown in its business because of a decline in packages owing to the economic slowdown. But the economy has since begun showing signs of a nascent recovery, with corporate production picking up some steam. Growth in mail order and home shopping sales in June also helped lift package quantities.

    In addition to cash-on-delivery shipments of packages, Yamato saw an increase in the number of refrigerated goods shipped through its "Cool Takkyubin" service. Deliveries of agricultural goods were also brisk.

    Yamato Transport also benefited from this past June having one more business day -- when companies send out packages -- than June 2008, according to a company official.

    But the aggregate amount of packages handled by Yamato Transport in the April-June period fell 1.4% on the year.

    "The quantity of packages we handle is increasing, but the level is still low compared to the first half of 2008, making a full-fledged recovery elusive," says the official.


    There is not only FedEx reporting an increase in shipments...:cool: