Y'all #@&^ing look alike to me. . .

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    Now just think if this had happened on FOX News, rather than Libtard TV:

    MSBNC's (sic) Brewer introduces Jackson as Sharpton

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    Are you serious? She made a mistake and she apologized for it.

    Nobody is talking about mistakes made on Fox News; all news channels make mistakes now and then.

    What people are talking about are deliberate distortions, misrepresentations and LIES on the Fox News Channel which evidently occur far more often than they do on any other TV channel news and possibly more than all others combined.

    I especially love the one where Fox is caught flat-out presenting GOP talking points as "Fox News research". How are you going to justify that one, TGregg?
  4. So what is the agenda here? To shut Fox News down? If people don't like the way they present things, they do have the option to view the govenment-run networks, eg CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. Certainly there is zero skepticism on any of them about anything pro-obama. Is this another example of the liberals' version of the First Amendment? "Everyone who disagrees with me STFU."
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    Dude do you ever think before you post? A real news organization has obligations. Obligations that FNC has been able to largely ignore. I don't want Fox off the air, I just want truth in advertising. An outfit that calls itself 'fair and ba;anced' has an obligation to at least try to be fair and balanced. You can't find a US news channel less fair and less balanced than Fox.

    "Certainly there is zero skepticism on any of them about anything pro-obama." Tell that to Lou Dobbs, he's a birther. And you are clueless.
  6. When AAA posts, it's always a lie.
    I'm sorry, let me try again: it's always wrong. He may not know he's lying, as it would take actual knowledge of, well, anything at all to tell the difference.
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    My agenda was to point out the differing standards. If FOX News had committed this faux pax, there would have been dozens of editorial columns crafted. Was it an honest mistake? Yep. Is this an indication of horrible racism lurking at MS(B)NBC? Nope. But both of these claims would be made by the libtards if FOX News had made this same exact error.

    Don't believe me? Look at the libtard replies in this thread. All I've done is report a story (and criticize AP for typoing the network name). But the hate and rage comes flying out. That speaks volumes more about the left than many other things. Volumes they would like to take back.
  8. Would someone please put a bottle in Tigger's mouth?

    <img src=http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/images/2008/06/11/gop_cry1.jpg>

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    You keep saying stuff that makes no sense. If Fox had done this and apologized the way MSNBC immediately did, it would have been a nonstory. And it should have been a nonstory for MSBNC [sic]. I don't know why the AP felt it was worth commenting on, unless the AP is trying to gin up some bogus controversy for reason(s) only they know.

    But when was the last time Fox apologized for disseminating distortions and lies? That would be never. Does Fox apologize for passing off GOP talking points as Fox News "reporting"? No, it simply denies the charge or ignores it.

    So your analogy falls flat. I've yet to see another news org spotlight Fox for a mistake for which Fox immediately apologized, but I have now seen the AP spotlight MSBNC [sic] for a mistake for which MSBNC [sic] immediately apologized.

    You're right, that is a different standard, but not one that disfavors Fox.
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    Man are you dumb.. they researched and came to the same conclusions as the GOP.. What Einsteins we have here... call up Fox and tell them that next time they do research they have to quell the story if they come to the same conclusions as the GOP.. do that for all of us just so we can sleep better knowing that there is sanity in the Universe :p

    Anyhow, when is that Mao loving woman from the White House going to call Glen Beck?
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