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  1. What an interesting sold off on monday to like 26.68....was just watching from a, bidu just jumping off the charts.....then tuesday yahoo around`s usual place for the past 2 weeks.....and boom today on no news was 22.65 just 30 days ago....and now it is 28.66 ah on no real company specific news.....i kept missing my options price when it was 23.00 range....the cc-call was so real growth driver til 2nd qtr 2007....but in retrospect if I knew that wallstreet was going to push these dogs up so fast.....i was fighting over .05.....10...and .15 on options strikes that were going to move up 5 and 6 year my strategy will be to buy calls on 5 or 6 stocks in july for november/dec. expiration as it definately seems the past 2 years that negative news doesn`t count during these 2 months so wallstreet fund manages can make their performance look decent.....the new jump in jobless claims to 300,000 should have affected the market much worse if this were may as oppossed to november:)
  2. YHOO was in the bargain category for a few months, probably still is. Hedge funds were manipulating the stock price for a few months because there were a lot of put options held by a few smaller funds. Now it will probably recover to somewhere around $33-34
  3. No, not hedge funds. Fidelity had liquidated their ENTIRE position according to SEC filings. It took them some time to do so, months.

    It all has to do with supply and demand. Fidelity created a lot of supply. Now that they are out of the picture, the stock is free to run again.

    Read your SEC filings;)
  4. Apart from Fidelity there were other 'investors' selling the stock. I know about the Fidelity sell off.
  5. i need to bookmark sec filings.....anybody have a quick link.....thanks