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  1. I receive my daily dose of top news stories from Yahoo and on some read the message boards for the top news stories...but for the last few days, top news stories either come up with no story and the message boards seem totally out of sync....Anyone else who frequents Yahoo top news stories and message boards experiencing the same?

    Also, while on the subject of those of you who use Yahoo Finance, what do you use the most in Yahoo Finance in addition to getting delayed quotes?
  2. Maybe the message boards have been closed due to the excess of lunatics that frequent them.
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    lol...they can be somewhat useful for the smaller cap stocks...lots of lunatics though.
  4. Tell me something Slim Harpo, did you you take your nickname from the family of the Mexican-Lebanese tycoon family Slim-Harp?
  5. No, it has to do with music.
  6. I realize the stock message boards are a total joke for the most part but I was making reference to the top news story message boards ( sorry for not being more clear)....the main top story news message boards has its share of lunatics as well but at times there are some very good discussions taking place....the top news message boards seem to be totally out of click on a message and you get another message when it opens...weird
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    yes, the big ones are filled with spam too, very loosely moderated.
  8. lol..I don't even think anyone is ever moderating them with some of the garbage I've seen posted