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  1. Yahoo up nearly 3 bucks after hours on earnings, beat by 3 cents, coming in at 14 cents when 11 cents was the target.
  2. Splitting 2:1 also!!!

    S&P's are +2.50
  3. Top-line beat was immense.
  4. Me very happy...

    ARogueTrader (Apr 7, 2004 3:55:57 PM)
    taking lots of longs into tomorrow

  5. On the other hand is CRASHING!

    $102.75 -$7.03
  6. DELL just raised guidance. Tomorrow should be huge (save, perhaps, for poor li'l RIMM).
  7. Me very happy too. I think.

    In my, trade while you learn options education...I did a few 1 contract long strangles. Guess I'll find out tomorrow how well this works out.

    I'm a newbie to options so i welcome any suggestions.

    Trade Well.
  8. RIMM may end up higher tomorrow, who knows?

  9. The ES got some crazy spike up to 1156.50. Wow, YHOO impressed.
  10. Considered May $4 LU calls?
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