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  1. Hi All, this thread will be my journal for Tu 3/7 to comment on my paper trades through Yahoo.

    Your comments will be appreciated.

    On Market Open....
    Date Type Symbol Shares Price Amount
    Mar 7 Buy FNSR 4,000 4.52 18,091.00
    Mar 7 Buy IVIL 1,250 8.38 10,486.00
    Mar 7 Buy BLS 500 34.34 17,181.00
    Mar 7 Cash In - - - - 50,000.00
    Mar 7 Buy NWACQ.PK 20,833 0.48 10,010.84
    Mar 7 Buy FTGX 10,000 3.65 36,5
    Mar 7 Buy DIA 25 109.45 2,747.25
    Mar 7 Cash In - - - - 50,000.00

    These are swing/momentum trades, and I am looking for a 5% net after comm. I will list trailing stops as I see them, and I want to limit the number of trades to 8 max per day. This is because I want to get better at this, so I can cut the fat later when I use real money...

    (I was up 3% before comm with Ameritrade last week, but -1% after comm... over trading with Real Money).

    Let me know what you all think.

  2. FTGX is kinda depressed, should have waited longer to enter the Long.

    Same thing with BLS and FNSR.

    Seems like 9:30 is a good time to see where the market heads, probably trending that way till Noon.

    As of now, portfolio Value Change is -.26%.

  3. Feeling the burn on FTGX, so I sold out half of it at 3.30 and bought BLS since it seemed to bottom out.

    By the way, BLS is BellSouth, and is trading on high vol because (in case you didn't know) it is being bought by AT&T at $37 per share.
    chart attached...
  4. Getting hammered on the Longs... should prob think of shorting the Losers.

    Value Change: -2.49%

    Yahoo ScreenCap is attached.
  5. shorted SHU at 63.23, 1000 shares
  6. i made those initial trades too hastily, without knowing more about the "personalities" of the stocks earlier.

    I have been watching the Bid/Ask spread for SHU to find when I can cover my short. It is at 63.17 now, and I sold short at 63.23.
  7. I shorted at 63.23, and it is. at 63.14. Cover short at 63.14.

    Made 9c per share. Pretty expensive stock though....
  8. 1/2 as many shares this time

    Sell Short 500 of SHU at 63.15

    chart attached.

    News Note: SHU is valued over $65 with today's announced merger with Public Storage. This may be a good swing trade for a week or so... prob look at buying it before close today.
  9. May go down below 63.

    SHU is looking weak

    Sell Short 500 SHU @ 63.05
  10. (Last trade was SellShort 500 SHU @ 63.05)

    9:01 am PST, Noon ET

    Getting ready to CoverShort 500 SHU

    ps: too much portfolio turnover for small money.... since there is a lot of I rate fear, I may look to REITs or something on the gaining end of the market.:p
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