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  1. You have two different options with two different symbols.

    That means there has been a corporate action of some kind. Sometimes it's a spin-off, sometimes it's part of a merger deal. It doesn't matter.

    Go to the cboe site and research the answer. It will be good practice for you - so you can do it again the next time you see this common situation.

    This time it's the result of a one for 20 reverse stock split. Next time?

    By the way, Yahoo is just about the wost place on the planet to get option prices [exception: their historical stock data is excellent]


    By the way: The .X at the end is meaningless.
  2. 'Both links below, are for AIG Jan 2011 2.5 stike puts. There are 2 for the same strike in the same month ??? Plus, there's a huge diffence in premium (.30 vs 1.69) Each is listed below. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate the insight.. Thanks'

    I double checked the original inquiry prior to posting. However, I still made a mistake. The second link from the original question:, should have been: They should have been
    listed this way:

    These are both Jan 2011 2.50 puts
    ET 'optiontrader' only displays
    This options premium is only .15. The other option:, has a premium
    of 1.50. Why can't I buy or sell that one??

    And before I forget. Other traders, you especially, have spent quite a bit of time helping me over these past few months/years.
    I don't know one single person a can talk to about trading. 99%
    of the people in my life make no bones about the fact I'm crazy. And that's putting it very nicely. So please believe me when I say, you and everyone elses help is MUCH appreciated. I'm sure I speak for other newbies as well, who don't like to write touchy feely blogs.
  3. Is this a theoretical question, or do you honestly plan to trade this option?



    You are welcome!

    Just looked up - you could have done the same.

    One of these is a standard contract for 100 shares.

    The other is a contract for which the deliverable is only 5 shares - as a result of the 1 for 20 reverse stock split.$American_International_Group,_Inc._%28AIG%29_-_Reverse_Split$20090629.pdf

    The open interest on one of these is zero. The OI on the other is 2.

    Not an option anyone seems to care about.

    Do you really want to trade 2.5 options on a $27 stock?