Yahoo not participating in the rally going much lower

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  1. Yahoo isnt participating in the rally. The CEO lied to the public about Project kool-aid errr Project Panama and then went ahead and missed estimates.

    The only thing that caught the price was the 200 MA which seemed to act like safety net. Yahoo should not be fetching a P/E higher then Google. In fact, it should be fetching the same P/E as Microsoft. Yahoo is not Web 2.0. Its an antiquated platform that has dishonest management and message boards filled with 2-bit stock shills.

    It is now time to throw Yahoo up on the "sell block". Maybe the bald guy might make the announcement tonight.

    Yahoo=old tech Yahoo=Microsoft P/E Yahoo=Web 1.0

    It will be a miracle if the price rallies from the current point. If it goes below the 200 MA, then its time to short this thing down to the Microsoft P/E it so rightfully deserves.
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    GOOG will be in this exact situation 10 years from now. Mark my words. Remember how "unstoppable" YHOO was in 1998-1999? Now look at them.. Lying to the public to prop up the stock price. The same exact scenario will play out for GOOG in time - someone will build a better mousetrap.
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    always good to buy when a stock is "on sale".

    125 million plus volume today on yhoo where the closing price is not much different from the opening price means to me that there was a lot of buying going on today that absorbed the selling, otherwise closing price would be more then a few pennies lower then the open.

    for sure there was short covering, but it wasn't all short covering.

    yes, some will try to short again, but the low hanging fruit on the short tree just got picked today, going short from this point forward will be more difficult to squeeze a few pennies from....probably can be done, but again, the low hanging short fruit has been picked. best for shorts to move on and patient longs to hold, imho.

    yhoo is sitting on major support in the 28-29 area. i bet this thing never closes below 28 unless there is a marketwide meltdown.

    did you see any downgrades today from top tier houses????
    no, the IBs learned their lesson...last fall they downgraded yhoo when it was in the mid 20s, only to see yhoo go up from the point where they issuesd their downgrades. no downgrades this time because they know there is support at this price level.
  4. Yahoo has now violated the 200 day moving average. Should I start folding the flag on the coffin?
  5. Its not pretty i was looking to get back in @ 27.50 or so for a quick buck but this thing lost all its momo up and is gonna continue falling. Oh well it was nice to be apart of its run from 23 to 32.
    Moving on now JADE has been a sweet girl to me lately.
  6. I say long Google and short Yahoo. As Eric Bolling says, stocks making new highs should be bought while those making new lows should be sold.
  7. I would be extremely ticked off if I were a money manager who the CEO lied to about the great and glorious Panama. And I sure as heck wouldn't be inclined to buy any more of their stock.
  8. I have been saying for awhile that yahoo is a turd of a stock. Google is far better. Compare the charts and income statements.

    Yahoo had its moment in the 90's bubble. Those days are over.
  9. I agree but if you compare the charts from Nov. till Tue Yhoo has been kickin GOOG's ass.
    This was in know way saying yhoo was a better company but smart money was in yhoo and leaving goog during this time. It was obvious with goog down big and yhoo up 25+%.
    But now i beleive its over and goog will again dominate.