Yahoo Messenger slows down computer

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tums, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Tums


    be careful of Yahoo Messenger.
    I noticed it often takes up all the CPU time and causes everything else to stand still.

    Has this happened to you too?
  2. AC3


    If your into using a Instant Messenger during your trading day try using Triallian allows you to use AIM/Yahoo/ICQ/MSN Messenger all at the same time. Combines all contacts together and uses minimal resources...platform is similar in look to AIM.....
  3. I like Skype myself, although the latest rev has autoupdate which I don't care, could tax CPU resources IMO.
  4. Truff


    Agree, Skype is awesome
  5. katesdp


    You can also now use MSN with Yahoo
  6. You know . . . if I poke a stick in my eye, it hurts.
    So don't poke a stick in your eye and it won't hurt.

    What wonderful words of advice.

    Trading computers are for trading.
    Buy another computer if you want to send messages. Any junk software like yahoo, skype or whatever has no place on a trading computer.
  7. Skype seems to have the best audio quality and it works anywhere...check out the skypein feature....for 40 a yr you can get real phone numbers around the world