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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by candletrader, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Please share your Yahoo IDs and your area of trading interest


    Areas of trading interest:
    Primarily intraday index futures
    Some EOD stocks swing trading

    I will be adding ET members to my address book who have similar areas and may say hello to you when I am doing weekend analysis...
  2. I love to meet other traders and help out whenever I can. However, I have the following points to make others aware of:
    • Please do not be offended if I don't respond at all to your messages. It just means that something is going on that requires my attention.
    • Please do not be offended if I suddenly disappear (sign out during a convo).
    • If you have trading based questions, please be specific and think the question thru before asking.
    • I am not hiring at the moment, so no requests for employment. I get plenty via PM already.
    • I am not interested in analyzing your position or to provide a recommendation on a stock or something. I don't have the expertise to do that and won't pretend to.
    • I'm interested in learning from others as well as bouncing ideas around.
    As always, I'm interested in learning about others outside of trading as well. My Yahoo ID is (you guessed it...) FuturesTrader71

    Best wishes to all.
  3. This is a bad idea, because there are a$$holes out there that will continuously spam the ID's listed in this thread. Sorry.
  4. True. That's why one creates a profile before posting it.
  5. I know... I do not check any emails for candletrader2003... this Yahoo ID is simply used for yahoo messenger conversations... it doesn't matter therefore if the email account is spammed, it never gets checked...
  6. Is there a specific chatroom on Yahoo Messenger that you guys are hanging out in? I believe Yahoo is not allowing you to create your own chat rooms anymore.
  7. You can create conference room voice chats via Yahoo Messenger... it's just a matter of seeing which traders are online and then inviting them in...