Yahoo Messenger being hacked ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by vikana, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. I use Yahoo Messenger all day to stay connecting with a few trading friends. Over the last few weeks I've seen some strange behaviour:

    Once in a while someone not in my friends list will be indicated as "logging off". The login name flashes briefly over the Yahoo Msg icon in the system tray, but the login never shows up in the main Yahoo Msg window. It's never someone I know.

    Am I being hacked ?

    To use Yahoo Messenger I need to allow it to access the internet in Zone Alarm, so in some sense I have a whole in my firewall.

    Any ideas?
  2. Yahoo messenger is really really buggy.

    I got tired of having to re-install it whenever it got corrupted, so I switched to trillian, which is so much nicer and you can talk to anyone using yahoo, msn, aol, or icq.

    You can get it from if you'd like to try it...
  3. thnks B rider

    downloaded it and am trying it out

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    I downloaded ad-aware.It found four spys planted in my puter.It got rid of three.The last one wont go.AD-aware says its a file
    I have looked at the windows files and cant find it.My puter cant find anything doubleclick.
    Say,could I legally charge other parties for using my puter?
  5. watch out if you uninstall this program incorrectly. i once used this program and after i uninstalled it, i had no connection to the internet at all. i had to use another computer, download zone alarm, put it on a disk..then install it again on the screwed up computer. then i think i disabled it and uninstalled it. anyway, just remember this..because when i was looking for answers on the internet, i found that there were many others that also did what i did.
  6. ad aware is a good program..i use it also. that file you are trying to delete is just a cookie. my cookies are located in windows/temporary internet files/

    you should be able to go to that directory and delete that file on your own. IF NOT, try going to my computer, tools, folder options, view, HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS, SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS. then go back to your cookies folder and try deleting it again.

    ALSO, the file name will start with "default" not "doubleclick", which may be why you can't find it.