Yahoo Market tracker wont work!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cashmoney69, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. In the past week, I haven't been able to log into yahoo's market tracker (i use it to scan for stocks) because the link doesn't work.

    I have no idea how to contact these bastards, but I'm paying 13 a month on this, and I have no idea how to cancel it if need be.

    Anyone use this, and is experiencing the same problem?

  2. Hello,

    Yes, I'm subscribing Yahoo market Tracker also. First, check to see if you have disabled java Applets or similar in your browser, if not, just go to remove the java and reinstall it. Your problem should go away.:cool:
  3. I had some java updates to download, then I restated the computer. But nothing.

    How do i find if java is disabled?

    ...but come to think of scottrade platform requires java to run because its web based..and that worked fine like always. I hate technology sometimes :mad:

  4. Try to remove java and go to to reinstall it (not update). If you use ie, go to internet options->advanced->java to make sure it enabled. (If you follow the first step, you don't need step 2). Good luck.:cool:
  5. trader, I dont think its a matter of my java not working, It's the link on the yahoo site that opens the software that does not work.
  6. Hacksaw


    Cash ... ck your security settings. See if is blocked.
    Happened to me several times lately.

    edit: see if cookie from is blocked.