Yahoo is takeover candidate and share prices are expected to reach $20

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  1. lol..... this seems to be a good bet....

    The stock had an amazing rally in the past couple of weeks. Having discussed this stock a couple of days back, this stock has broken some of the targets that was discussed last time. Volumes are still strong and the momentum looks to be still favoring a strong move as the decline was extremely small. The MACD is on the buy zone and RSI is rocking upwards given the strong price movement in the past couple of days. The stock has an upside potential of another 20% to $18.83 if it breaks $15.84 mark comfortably. Yahoo is takeover candidate and share prices are expected to reach $20 in a very near future.

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    Rumor: Alibaba Group Considering Full Acquisition of Yahoo :
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    Today YHOO will announce its numbers. I sold at 15.70 a week ago as I was expecting a pullback and today I am getting in again. Should be interesting. YHOO will not move because of its earnings. There are multiple of buyers out there and YHOO is now interested to sell the company.
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    Bought 18400 shares at 15.27 and now it is 16.10. Great results. Should go to $17 in a day or two.
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    YHOO hit 16.35 HOD and now is traded at 16.09. I still call it a strong buy. Lots of interest in the company. I believe it will pop to over $25-$30 range in less than 2 months.
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    Don't get lost trying to find the profitable stock. In is just right in front of you. YHOO YHOO YHOO. It is $20 at least in a week or two. Take over price should be way over $25.
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    Rumor is that one offer might come this weekend. Who knows. MSFT also showed some interest in its yesterday's conference call after earnings.
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    Follow the news on YHOO. Bid war is going to heat up and share price is reflecting that. Pre-market it was traded at $17.
    Buyout price should be in the range of $25 to $30
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    Don't get your panties all knotted up. There won't be a bidding war. YHOO's too big for PE guys. MSFT got what they wanted already. And no strategic really wants all of YHOO. They just want pieces. You will have 1 bid from six guys looking to take just the pieces they want. I say < $20. And then Jerry Wang will probably fuk it up (because he's dumb) and reject the bid and the stock will be at $10.

    Btw - I am long YHOO delta as well. Have been in one form or the other since $12.
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    @hajimow...Still think YHOO is a great buy? Down .51 after hours. No one seems to want to buy it. So much for all the "rumors". I am not trying to sound sarcastic (still new to forum) just curious if you still feel this way after today's news?