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    On Yahoo, I can see the intraday chart for a symbol very easily, for example:

    Is there a way to query Yahoo to display the same intraday chart, but for a given day in the past, not automatically the last trading day?
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  4. I pay $22 a month to Sierra Charts and get a good deal of Tick and One Minute Data on stocks and futures. One minute delayed 20 minutes tick is updated each night.
  5. swan that is pretty good.... is that api access with sierra at $22/m?
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    Where is the querying API? I don't need realtime data, I need historical intraday data. And I don't need to download it, I just need to see it.
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    If I go this page, I can select any day I want from the past (I have only tested up to Aug of last year):

    I don't want to download anything, and I don't need realtime anything. I just want to pull up a one minute chart programmatically for a given day in the past.

    So, if I can programmatically do the same thing that you do on that page by clicking to pull up a historical one minute chart, that would be perfect.
  8. I am not using it that way so you will have to check it out. If you buy SC's Charting Package #2 ($22 a month) you can set Sierra Chart Historical Intraday Futures Data and Sierra Chart Historical Data service up as two separate downloads. By using their service as separate feeds you get tick data from the first and one minute data from the second. You get enormous flexibility for stocks and futures and a great charting capability for pennies.

    See my SC review under software. It is the latest one. It is so strong that I felt the need to tell everyone I was not a shill. BTW, when I had live CME data I used BarChart. They were also a great supplier. There is so much over-hyped and overpriced crap out there using SC with BarChart together was a great value and a great pleasure. I paid for a bit more expensive version of SC but it was still cheap -- $29 or $31 I forget which.

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