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  1. Yahoo historical data on some symbols (SPY, ^SPX/^GSPC) has not been working. Anybody know of alternative sites to download historical data? Specifically, I need SPX volume (which Yahoo has/had).
  2. Hi newbunch, scroll to bottom of page, click 'UK & Ireland' then
    left column Investing/International/US Indicies
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    Yahoo still works but you have to type in the URL directly.^GSPC&a=03&b=02&c=07&d=05&e=03&f=07&g=d&ignore=.csv

    This is for ^GSPC where the first historical date downloaded is 04/02/07 and the last date is 06/03/07. Yahoo uses 0 based indexing for their months which is why 05 gives back June.

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  4. Both "tricks" work. Thanks a lot.
  5. On a related note, does anybody know why some iShares historical data is no longer available on Yahoo Finance? My only guess is that it's a licensing thing...

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    Yahoo historical seems to be up and working again without needing to resort to any of the aforementioned "tricks".
  7. historical back up
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    google finance has historic pricing now might wanna check there.
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    Good find. Also seems like their open, high, and low prices are automatically adjusted for splits unlike yahoo which only adjusts the closing price.

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