Yahoo Freudian Slip? Obama To Visit Country Of Birth - Africa

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JamesL, Jun 22, 2013.

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    LOL Maybe Obama should print some more copies of that fake birth certificate and pass them out to the liberals.

    I'm thinking the real truth might be that Obama was hatched from an egg. So, is his country of origin where he was laid or where he hatched? :D
  3. Obama To Visit Country Of Birth - Africa ? ? ?

    There is NO Country called Africa.

    Africa is a Continent.

  4. JamesL


    Ouch. I just made my own Freudian slip.

    Waiting for the rest of the brain dead ET lefties here to go berserk...
  5. Don't worry . . . Pspr will call me a loon and giggle.:).
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    I see you have a reading comprehension problem, Spike.

    And, yes, you are a common loon. har har :D
  7. Spike celebrated his "gotcha" with a six pack of his favorite swill and a few minutes of "fun" with his blow up sex doll.

    There has never been a more irrelevant poster on this site.
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    + 6


    "White house doesn't have a figure on cost"

    Since when did Odumbo care what his vacations cost the taxpayer anyway?
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    He's simply more evidence that liberalism is truly a mental illness.
  10. lol . . . trust me, pissing you guys off is really really relevant and even more fun.
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