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  1. What is the deal with the yahoo finance headings???

    Are they written by Abbey Cohen? Today their top story is "Earnings to Ease Market's Pain" - for the past 3 years earnings haven't eased anybody's pain.

    I've never seen so many ill-informed, moronic, naive, and downright stupid pieces of writing from an otherwise useful website.
  2. high99


    I agree. The DOW will be down 230 for the day, and they say it was simply some
    "profit taking". They are afraid to tell it like it is.
  3. chisox

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    take a chill pill
  4. Bungster, you're getting it!
  5. [From Yahoo Finance again]

    U.S. stocks end week on an upswing
    Fri 4:11pm ET
    Stocks finished an excruciatingly volatile week on a strong note Friday, with buyers snapping up drug, bank and Internet shares. The dollar's surge also provided equities with a favorable backdrop. they're calling short-covering rallies in the last 20min of trading "buying" - it doesn't get much dumber than this...
  6. ktm


    It's a contrarian indicator. Check the prediction on Sundays. They have been wrong most weeks. Trade the minis against them.
  7. ChrisM


    This is new reality show called "Sweet dreams on Wall Street":)

    BTW, they have been doing this BS for so long, that even if the end of the world would come, they could not say anything else.
  8. I guess all that clatter I heard was the sound of buyer 'snapping up' the bargains.
  9. ChrisM


    No, I don`t care what they say, but I don`t mind having job like this:D
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    Isn't most of Yahoo uninformed? What I see on the message boards, most are bashers?

    I don't think you can depend on Yahoo providing you a direction with any stock.
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