Yahoo Finance Data: Symbol question

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Digs, May 18, 2009.

  1. Digs


    I cant seam to find

    Advances and decliners as a chart, not the table quote for the day

    I mean TICK like ^DJI in there symbols, ^TICK does not exist

    I note that ^VIX does, so other statistical time series should, but I cant find them ..

    Any ideas ???
  2. Digs


    Thanks, but I need to download quotes via yahoo historical quotes server...
  3. You have me confused. You specified "as a chart, not the table quote for the day". If you don't want a chart then why did you specifically ask for one? :confused:
  4. He also said Yahoo in the title; quit nitpicking.
  5. I am not nitpicking, I am trying to help Digs out. It appears that he wants quotes, but the initial post asked for a chart and not for quotes. I know the title said Yahoo, but Yahoo doesn't have TICK data.
  6. You didn't specify what software you are using, but many stock quote downloaders support multiple sources.

    For example, Stock Quotes Express 2.0 downloads quotes from Yahoo,, MSN Money and others.

    Yahoo Finance doesn't have TICK data, so the only practical choice is to use a stock quote downloader that can get it from .