Yahoo Excel Cell Formula?

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  1. Some time ago I was using a spreadsheet that could grab certain bits of Yahoo finance data right from a cell formula. I can't find my spreadsheet and I can't find anything on the Yahoo Finance web site. Anyone know how to do this or have a link to Yahoo's instructions?

  2. im me I send you the code via email or download...
    it is not a cell formula however but VBA code
  3. oil trader,

    the way I had it set up was the cell contained a certain URL of Yahoo Finance, along with the symbol and a constant which specified the type of data (close, volume, float, etc)
  4. Thanks Spyder,

    that's what I was looking for!

    Hope all is well with you and your trading,

  5. Glad to help Bundle. You might find the following useful as well.

    - Spydertrader

    The full list of available fields, along with their query format symbols is :

    Symbol s
    Name n
    Last Trade (With Time) l
    Last Trade (Price Only) l1
    Last Trade Date d1
    Last Trade Time t1
    Last Trade Size k3
    Change and Percent Change c
    Change c1
    Change in Percent p2
    Ticker Trend t7
    Volume v
    Average Daily Volume a2
    More Info i
    Trade Links t6
    Bid b
    Bid Size b6
    Ask a
    Ask Size a5
    Previous Close p
    Open o
    Day's Range m
    52-week Range w
    Change From 52-wk Low j5
    Pct Chg From 52-wk Low j6
    Change From 52-wk High k4
    Pct Chg From 52-wk High k5
    Earnings/Share e
    P/E Ratio r
    Short Ratio s7
    Dividend Pay Date r1
    Ex-Dividend Date q
    Dividend/Share d
    Dividend Yield y
    Float Shares f6
    Market Capitalization j1
    1yr Target Price t8
    EPS Est. Current Yr e7
    EPS Est. Next Year e8
    EPS Est. Next Quarter e9
    Price/EPS Est. Current Yr r6
    Price/EPS Est. Next Yr r7
    PEG Ratio r5
    Book Value b4
    Price/Book p6
    Price/Sales p5
    EBITDA j4
    50-day Moving Avg m3
    Change From 50-day Moving Avg m7
    Pct Chg From 50-day Moving Avg m8
    200-day Moving Avg m4
    Change From 200-day Moving Avg m5
    Pct Chg From 200-day Moving Avg m6
    Shares Owned s1
    Price Paid p1
    Commission c3
    Holdings Value v1
    Day's Value Change w1,
    Holdings Gain Percent g1
    Holdings Gain g4
    Trade Date d2
    Annualized Gain g3
    High Limit l2
    Low Limit l3
    Notes n4
    Last Trade (Real-time) with Time k1
    Bid (Real-time) b3
    Ask (Real-time) b2
    Change Percent (Real-time) k2
    Change (Real-time) c6
    Holdings Value (Real-time) v7
    Day's Value Change (Real-time) w4
    Holdings Gain Pct (Real-time) g5
    Holdings Gain (Real-time) g6
    Day's Range (Real-time) m2
    Market Cap (Real-time) j3
    P/E (Real-time) r2
    After Hours Change (Real-time) c8
    Order Book (Real-time) i5
    Stock Exchange x
  6. Hi, I saw your post and by coincidence have just finished making myself an online trade monitor sheet.
    I have uploaded it to my website on the downloads page if its any help to you.

    If anyone knows how to make the updates more crisp, (as mine becomes slow once more than 20 symbols are added) then please let me know
  7. Can any one find a way to incorporate the IBD stock checkup into a spreadsheet?
    Thank You
  8. It should work the same as the example sheet I posted on my website, providing the tables in the webpage are accessable, the little yellow arrows will show what can be extracted and what cant.
    I posted up instructions for people to read, I dont know if you tried it?
    I am not a subcriber to IBD so I cant test it but if you send me your log in details to the email address on my site, I will try it for you.
    Or you can read the instructions on my downloads page on my site,