Yahoo dumbs down home page

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  1. This new version is an insult to the intelligence of anyone with a triple digit IQ. It's just plain unusable now.

    Any decent alternatives?
  2. Which bit? it was kind of dumb before.

    I didnt notice a difference, but then my iq is chimp scale.
  3. this and the middle east discussions remind me of the following (cannot remember where I got this from):


    There is a very fine line dividing sense from nonsense.
    The great majority are unaware of its existence, or, choose to ignore it. Consequently they succeed in misdirecting themselves to choose the wrong side of this line, for reasons best known to themselves. This is a source of amazement to those very few able to correctly logically deduce and reason, viewing nearly everything you will encounter here as nonsense, pure nonsense, that the majority ultimately embrace.

    vital statistcis
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    It's not every day I dispute Socrates but here it goes:
    ........for reasons best known to themselves. I don't think so.
  5. Yahoo just posted my answer for me, right on their home page.
    This is not a joke- go to , and you'll see: This is really what they have up!

    <img src=>
  6. I see what you mean............
    Im surprised you dont just use google.
  7. There should be something to click on in the upper right corner to use the old yhaoo home page. I couldn't agree any more the new page is pure shit.
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    Now you know how they got their name "Yahoo".

    They have a bunch of Yaaaaahoo's running the site.

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