Yahoo doesn't own Alipay.

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    Yahoo is non-voting shareholder of alibaba.

    Non-voting shareholders have no power or have any authority on how managment makes decisions.

    If yahoo, doesn't like what management it can sell its share it's shares of alibaba which is what alibaba wants it doesn't yahoo as a shareholder or get Bartz off it's back.

    Jack Ma doesn't even have to answer phone calls from Bartz.

    Non-voting shareholders or sub-ordinate shares like unsecured bonds. Non-voting shareholders are only compensated financially if alibaba is sold to another company. Non-voting shareholders don't even have any say on share dilution etc.

    majority of amateurs think alipay was stolen? I guess ignorant investors or amateur retail investors don't have a clue about corporate financial structures.

    Just like share dilution and employee stock options, non-voting shares have no vote on those issues.
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    Yahoo=Buy Buy Buy