Yahoo Data into TS2000i

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    What I ideally want to do is be able to update about 1000 Yahoo symbols with one click while the coffee is brewing and also be able to feed realtime data from Yahoo (delayed) or IB when the markets open (but note I will be asleep before they close hence need for upadating each am). Need this for Radarscreen but would also like capability to get data on demand from Yahoo which I gather quotelf can do.

    Any suggestions/feedback on best app/combinations for this.

    Quoteelf: Does this import data direct into globalserver? It seems from their website that it does not integrate with Globalserver (????!!!) Can I run another plug in such as Metaserver for IB or Hyperserver for Yahoo alongside this after updating. Any way around reinstalling Prosuite to install dial data program ?

    Hyperserver historical plug in: How well does it work? No longer free and no trial I understand I can use this with RT quotes from IB using Metaserver with the other type of DBC selected but NOT with hyperserver lite for Yahoo.
  2. I write add-in for excel to download data from yahoo...
    If U need it email me
  3. kalzayani, can I try out your add-in. PM sent.
  4. I just wrote a PHP/MySQL script - PHP downloads the necessary files, MySQL formats them and chucks them into an ascii directory that TS2kI pulls from.
  5. kalzayani and atlantic,

    Can I also try your add-ons? Starting out with tradestation and trying to get some historical data (without paying just yet)
  6. mokwit


    Hyperserver have just come out with a version 3 which takes the neo RT quotes from Yahoo and also downloads historical data DIRECT INTO GLOBALSERVER (!) with ONE CLICK (!). Fabulous.

    Have versions for most other feeds. About 96 EUR one time.

    Exactly what was required.
  7. FYI in Excel 2003 (maybe Excel XP too?) has a feature to import external data from a web query. You can specify the part of the page you want to get. It's under the Data menu.